My name is Ben and I’m MD of Yangon Creative Solutions. I place great emphasis on training and my team felt I should share my experience with folks in Myanmar. Before I begin, here’s some background.

I’ve worked in advertising and marketing for over 30 years. I started as a copywriter in London and won a few awards. The success went straight to my head and I decided to share my mediocrity with the world. First I went to Bahrain. Then Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Finally, I got lucky and reached Myanmar.

During my travels, I was everything from a senior copywriter to a regional creative director. Then they ran out of creative titles and made me a managing director. I’ve been fired by some of the world’s largest agencies and handled some of the world’s biggest brands. And I was fortunate enough to win a few more awards during my career.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk about you. You’re probably a young designer or writer, or somebody trying to get their first creative job in advertising. I’ve got two priceless pieces of advice for you.

Firstly, don’t think your job is about writing or designing. It’s about having ideas. Create great concepts to shape your work. Whether it’s a video or a Facebook post, make sure the thought you’re communicating is relevant, interesting and engaging. And then start writing and designing.

Secondly, SWEAT! Great ideas seldom pop straight into your head. You start with a thought that’s just okay. By worrying, puzzling and never letting go, you’ll make it into something fantastic. Come up with lots of ideas, stick them to the wall and keep walking around them until you’ve got an award winning communication. Advertising is easy if you work hard!

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