If you haven’t already done so, read the first lesson here:

Ok, got all that? Good. I’m going to say it again.

And again.

Before you leave, angry at me for wasting your time, understand that there is a great learning to be enjoyed at the end of the article.

Well, thanks for staying. As I said before, there are just two things that young advertising creatives really need to know:

  1. Three great ads a day keep the sack away. You’re paid for your ideas. Produce lots. Cover every angle. Create many rough sketches that communicate your thoughts. When you’ve got loads, try to improve, expand upon or combine the concepts. And then repeat. Somewhere, amidst the crap, a few gems should lurk. Take these and improve upon them. Then repeat. Ad nauseum.
  2. People who think get paid the big bucks. Advertising isn’t about writing or making pretty pictures. It’s about ideas. (Please see above.) Don’t bother to produce a fabulously Photoshopped image and beautiful words if your concept sucks. You can spend hours reshaping a turd but it remains a turd. However, a little love applied to a good idea can make it a great one.

Actually, there’s one more thing.

3.Please remember that most people don’t remember. That’s why famous brands keep restating their core message in new and interesting ways (think Nike, Apple or Coca-Cola).

And that’s today’s learning.

To recap:

1) Work hard.

2) Concentrate on ideas not crafting.

3) Reinforce the message as most people won’t remember.


Ben McGrath is the newly demoted Assistant to the Associate Creative Director of Yangon Creative Solutions

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